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IPsmarx is a fraud company!

They sell products "software" for VoIP solutions that don't work.

They ignore customer service requests and you spend most of your time with technical support.

I highly recommend not to purchase from IPsmarx. Most of the products they have on their website they don't even have. Talk about misrepresentation

I bought and many others, products that don't work. I spent over 20 k on services that do not work to be ignored for months. They discontinue modules that I have purchased with out notifying me.

So unprofessional and inconsiderate for their clients.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Being inconsiderate is their greatest fault

Dallas, Texas, United States #817153

This is so true we all need to join hand together and file a suit against Ipsmarx or else this will continue


I feel your pain brother,I am in the same boat as you are.Many ad dons purchased just to accomplish simple tasks.The really bad part is that this addons does not always deliver or partially deliver.There is no way to test run this items until you actually purchase them.


It's simple actually.

Because we paid for it and have to get something in return.

We already tried to return the ownership of the license but as you may guess they don't have a refund policy. So we have to deal with it somehow, but that doesn't justify any of these actions.

to ikontelekom Dallas, Texas, United States #817155

How are you dealing with it


Oh and in case I forgot, so bad is IPSMARX, they even try to pass-off as us:

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