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We are Ikon Telekom from Turkey and made a big mistake to invest in IPSmarx softswitch solutions. At pre-sale time frame they were very interested but after buying the actual product we found out that we have to purchase many addons to accomplish simple things.

Technical support side is terribly slow, it takes days until we get an decent answer. If you have to get an answer immediately you have to deduct many extra vouchers. Our primary goal was to provide calling card and callback services but we found out that these modules doensn't support a feature that is crucial for our business. As we explained the situation to them they were very strict and told us that they have no plans for developing the feature we require.

So our complete investment was worth nothing. We requested a refund but as you may guess they don't have refund policy and justify the situation by providing a demo account before purchase, which by the way isn't a healthy way fully test a softswitch's capabilities. Many of the product's feature can't be tested on the demo account. They try to sell the product/addons by all means, but they don't tell you if you have to purchase an addon to fully use what you bought before.

You have to ask them spesifically to get the required information out of their mouth.

This is definetly fraud made legal. If you ever think to grow your VoIP business, don't even think to use IPSmarx Softswitch.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #708131

The biggest mistake was buying the software, too many bugs and the customer support does not know anything. Maybe everyone should bring a class action law suit against them.

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